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Longhair litter born on January 30th 2011.

8.11. Kennel Waldgemein: puppies have foun homes.

1.6.10 Brenda became the first FI CH longhair weim.

11.2.10 Brenda accepted in SSK breeding list with number 1.

23.1.10 Sisu became finnish double champion FI FT CH FI CH.


Sinclair's Legacy Wilhelmina

Welcome to On these pages you'll find information and photos of weimaraner, and some of their owners other dogs.

Official breed club for weimaraner in Finland is Saksanseisojakerho ry. Their homepage is unfortunately in finnish only, but contains a lot more information on finnish weimaraner and other continental pointing dogs.

Please report any possible errors on our pages to our webmaster (webmaster"at" Please note that some of the links take you directly to databases at other hosts, such as Saksanseisojakerho or Finnish Kennel Club.

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